event management

Some call it “day of,” “month of” or “partial planning” but we call it event management. We don’t believe a well executed event can happen in the 30-60 days others may restrict you to, so our process begins at the time of booking and ends after your event is packed up and tied with a bow. We operate a fully-engaged approach where execution is flawless.

We believe in educating and sharing our knowledge with you by walking beside you as you plan your marriage or event day. The Christina Leigh Events experience is centered around our custom management platform that allows you to stay in the loop on logistical elements of your wedding, corporate or private event. Including task list, timeline, creative team contacts, guest list tracking, budget oversight and more. Our process ensures each detail is planned and no detail, even the most small, is overlooked. 

We believe that the foundation of a successful event is set months before it takes place in the event management stages of the planning process.